Large Angle Vertical Sidewall Belt Conveyor

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Large Angle Vertical Sidewall Belt Conveyor also called large dip corrugated belt conveyor) with a large inclination transport. So that it is ideal equipment for achieving large angle conveying. Widely adopted in underground projects. 

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What is Large Angle Vertical Sidewall Belt Conveyor used for?

This Large Angle Inclined Belt Conveyor is very well suited for a board range of free-flowing products in the food, agriculture, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, chemical industry, such as snack foods, frozen foods, vegetables, fruits, confectionary, chemicals and other granules.

In fertilizer production line, the Large Angle Inclined Belt Conveyor can be used as transportation equipment to connect different processes, it usually be selected under the limitation of space in the production site, this kind of conveyor have compact structure to increase height and transportation capacity.

Customized Service for Large Angle Vertical Sidewall Belt Conveyor

1) Provide OEM service

2) 20 years of experience

3) We can design and manufacture the conveyor based on your special requirement.

4) Low price sale on spare parts.

Features of Large Angle Vertical Sidewall Belt Conveyor

1. Low maintenance cost.

2. Large transport capacity, and it can avoid material spilling effetely.

3. The belt can facilitate switching from horizontal to inclined conveying and from inclined to horizontal conveying.

4. It saves a lot space as it allows material conveying at 0-90 degree.

Large Angle Vertical Sidewall Belt Conveyor Video Display

Large Angle Vertical Sidewall Belt Conveyor Model Selection

The Large Angle Vertical Sidewall Belt Conveyor can be divided into T, C and TC according to their different sections.

Type T is suitable for inclination β≤40°;

Type C is suitable for cases with good material fluidity  at an inclination of β>40°;

TC type is suitable for inclination β > 40°, with large viscosity of materials.

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