Chemical Fertilizer Cage Mill Machine

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The Chemical Fertilizer Cage Mill Machine is to be designed and widely used in organic mineral, compound fertilizer crushing, compound fertilizer particle crushing. It can crush all kinds of single chemical fertilizers with water content below 6%, especially for materials with high hardness. 

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What is the Chemical Fertilizer Cage Mill Machine used for?

The Chemical Fertilizer Cage Mill Machine belongs to medium-sized horizontal cage mill. This machine is designed according to the principle of impact crushing. When the inside and outside cages rotate in opposite direction with high speed, the material is crushed from inside to outside by the impact of the cage. The cage crusher has the advantages of simple structure, high crushing efficiency, good sealing performance, stable operation, easy cleaning, convenient maintenance and so on.


Work Principle

The Chemical Fertilizer Cage Mill Machine is composed of frame, casing, rat wheel group, mouse wheel group and two electric motors. When working, a motor drives the large cage to rotate smoothly. The other motor drives the small cage to rotate reversely, and the material enters the inner mouse wheel frame through the hopper, the high speed rotating steel bar repeatedly impacts and breaks the material, so as to achieve the fine crushing effect.

Feature of Chemical Fertilizer Cage Mill Machine  

(1) This is the one of horizontal cage mill for middle size.

(2) Especially suitable for materials with higher hardness

(3) It has a simple structure and high crushing efficiency

(4) Smooth operation, easy to clean, easy to maintain.

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