Inclined Sieving Solid-liquid Separator

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The Inclined Sieving Solid-liquid Separator mainly treats waste with water content of more than 90%, it is a new kind of high quality equipment mainly used for filtering manure such as pig, cow, chicken, sheep and all kinds of large and medium-sized livestock. It also can be used in the dehydration of large amount of water content, such as bean curd residue, and the large water content of the wine trough. 

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What is the Inclined Sieving Solid-liquid Separator?

It is an environmental protection equipment for excrement dehydration of poultry manure. It can separate the raw and fecal sewage from livestock waste into liquid organic fertilizer and solid organic fertilizer. The liquid organic fertilizer can be used for crop utilization after fermentation, and the solid organic fertilizer can be used in the area of the lack of fertilizer which could improve the soil structure. At the same time, it also can be made organic compound fertilizer. A supporting liquid pump is used to send the original manure water to the separator, and the solid material (dry manure) is extruded and separated through the spiral axis placed in the screen, and the liquid is flowing out of the outlet through the sieve.

Structure of Inclined Sieve Type Solid-liquid Separator

The Inclined Sieving Solid-liquid Separator is mainly made of sieve, spiral winch and spiral blade, which are made of high quality 304 stainless steel and alloy after special process. It has good corrosion resistance and wear resistance. It have 2-3 times of service lift compared with the similar products.

Features of Inclined Sieving Solid-liquid Separator

The setting function of the inclined sieve solid-liquid separator is complete and targeted. The whole machine design combines the manure pumping system, vibration system, extrusion system and automatic flushing system, which improves the treatment capacity and treatment effect.

1. It's a new generation of waste disposal environmental protection equipment.

2. Effectively treat manure waste from livestock and poultry farms for solid-liquid separation.

Advantages of Inclined Sieving Solid-liquid Separator

1.It has the function of sorting and filtering large pieces first, and combines multiple functions such as transmission, pressing, dehydration and sand removal to solve the problems of garbage winding equipment and airtight operation
2.The separation rate of floating, suspended matter and sediments in waste is more than 95%, and the solid content of the waste is more than 35%.
3.It has automatic liquid level control function, which saves more than 50% of power consumption than similar equipment, low operating cost.
4.The part of the equipment in contact with the processing medium is made of high-quality stainless steel and is passivated by pickling.

Inclined Sieving Solid-liquid Separator Video Display

Inclined Sieving Solid-liquid Separator Model Selection

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SUS 304





SUS 304





SUS 304



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