Crawler Type Organic Waste Composting Turner Machine Overview

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Crawler Drivable Organic Waste Compost Turner is the professional machine for manure compost and other organic materials fermentation. It adopts advanced hydraulic operating system, pull rod power steering operation and crawler-type running mechanism.

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Crawler Type Organic Waste Composting Turner Machine Overview

Crawler Type Organic Waste Composting Turner Machine belongs to the ground pile fermentation mode, which is the most economical mode of saving soil and human resources at present. The material needs to be piled up into a stack, then the material is stirred and crushed at regular intervals by the turning machine, and the decomposition of organic matter will be under aerobic conditions. It also has a broken function, which greatly saves time and labor force, making the production efficiency and product quality of the organic fertilizer plant improved significantly, and the cost reduced greatly. 

What is a Crawler Type Organic Waste Composting Turner Machine used for ?

Crawler Type Organic Waste Composting Turner Machine is a very important equipment in organic fertilizer production. It adopts a tracked transmission design, which can be operated by one person. The operation can be completed not only in open areas, but also in workshops or greenhouses. When the Crawler Type Organic Waste Composting Turner Machine works, the sludge, sticky animal manure and other materials can be well stirred with the fungus and straw powder, creating a better aerobic environment for the fermentation of materials. It not only ferments faster than deep groove type, but also effectively prevents the production of harmful and odorous gases such as hydrogen sulfide, amine gas and indole during fermentation, which is in line with environmental protection requirements.

Advantages of Crawler Type Composting Turner Machine

One of the technical breakthroughs of Crawler Type Organic Waste Composting Turner Machine is to integrate the crushing function of materials in the later stage of fermentation. With the continuous moving and turning of materials, the knife shaft can effectively crush the lump formed in the fermentation process of raw materials. No additional crusher is required in production, which greatly improves work efficiency and reduces costs.

(1) The power is 38-55KW vertical water-cooled diesel engine, which has sufficient power, high efficiency and low fuel consumption.

(2) This product has been turned over and separated by soft start. (The other domestic products of the same kind use iron for iron hard clutch, which has a serious damage to the chain, bearing and shaft).

(3) All operation is flexible and simple. Adjust the distance between knife shaft and ground by hydraulic system.

(4) Installed front hydraulic push plat, so it is no need to manually take the whole pile.

(5) Optional air conditioning.

(6) The composting machine with more than 120 horsepower is customized according to user requirements.

Crawler Type Organic Waste Composting Turner Machine Video Display

Crawler Type Composting Turner Machine Model Selection






Turning Width





Pile Height

0.8M -1.1M

0.8M -1.2M

1M -1.3M

1M -1.3M

Turning Height











54-80 horsepower

80-95 horsepower

95-115 horsepower

149-156 horsepower

Maximum speed

2400 r/min

2400 r/min

2400 r/min

2400 r/min

Rated power speed

2400 turns/score

2400 turns/score

2400 turns/score

2400 turns/score

Speed of Driving

10-50 m/min

10-50 m/min

10-50 m/min

10-50 m/min

Speed of Work





Knife Vane Diameter






600~800     square/H

800~1000 square/H

1000~1200 square/H

1000~1500 square/H

Overall Size

3.8X2.7X2.85 meters

3.9X2.65X2.9 meters

4.0X2.7X3.0 meters

4.4X2.7X3.0 meters


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