Double Shaft Fertilizer Mixer Machine

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The Double Shaft Fertilizer Mixer Machine is a new generation of mixing equipment developed by our company. This product is a new mixing equipment that can realize continuous operation and continuous feeding and discharging. It is very common in the batching process of many powder fertilizer production lines and granular fertilizer production lines. 

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What is the Double Shaft Fertilizer Mixer Machine?

Double Shaft Fertilizer Mixer Machine is an efficient mixing equipment, the longer the main tank, the better the mixing effect. The main raw material and other auxiliary materials are fed into the equipment at the same time and mixed uniformly, and then transported by the belt conveyor to the granulation process for granulation. The Double Shaft Fertilizer Mixer Machine adopts novel rotor structure to crush large materials while stirring, so as to achieve the purpose of more uniform mixing. The machine has compact structure, good sealing, beautiful appearance and convenient operation and maintenance. 

What is the Double Shaft Fertilizer Mixer used for?

There are two symmetrical helical axes rotating synchronously in the main body of the Double Shaft Fertilizer Mixer Machine, and the helical axis is equipped with a counter-rotating pulp blade. The pulp blade will turn the material along the axial and radial circulation at a certain Angle, so that the material can be rapidly and evenly mixed. The feed inlet of the machine is provided with dustproof baffle, which can effectively prevent the generation of water mist. The contact area between the pulp blade is in full contact with the material to make the mixing more even. The Double Shaft Fertilizer Mixer Machine can evenly humidify the powdery material when stirring it. The criterion of the humidified material is neither dry ash nor water oozing. The humidified stirring lays a foundation for the subsequent transport and granulation process.

Application of Double Shaft Fertilizer Mixer Machine

The Double Shaft Fertilizer Mixer Machine is suitable for mixing more than two kinds of fertilizer, additive premixes, compound feed, concentrated feed, additive premix feed, etc.

Advantages of Double Shaft Fertilizer Mixer Machine

(1) Extremely stable performance. 

(2) Large stirring capacity.

(3) Continuous production.

(4) Lower noise.

(5) Easy for installation and maintenance.

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